How to set up a database of Triad data to use with EZ_Software

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Step #1

  1. Connect Direct to TRIAD
  2. Go to EZ Software Main Menu
  3. Select the program IMUP
  4. Select the option UPC

This will build a UPC Database automatically on your PC. (It may take about 90 minutes for this database to be built.)

When done press Alt X
Answer (Y) to rewrite DEF FILE for database.

Step #2

  1. Go to EZ Software Main Menu.
  2. Select the program IMUP.
  3. Select the option ISTRUCTURE.

ISTUCTURE is where you may select what TRIAD Fields you wish to include in your PC DATABASE for use with EZ Software. Tag the fields in ISTRUCTURE you wish to include. (Suggestion… Jot down on a piece of paper all of the fields you have suggested. Write down the TRIAD field number for each of your fields. You can obtain the TRIAD field numbers by running the TRIAD report, RST.)

Example: 1 Sku, 10 Description, 11 Mfg. Part Number, 6 Primary Vendor, 89 YTD Sales., 21 Location, 48 Retail Price, 54 Rep. Cost, 149 UPC Code, etc.

Step #3

  1. Go to EZ Software Main Menu
  2. Select the program TERMINAL
  3. From TRIAD, create a DEF Flex REPORT for all of the fields you have selected in ISTRUCTURE. (See your written notes for TRIAD Field numbers.)
  4. Use the FLEX name DBASE.

(Note, If you have selected a large number of TRIAD fields for your Database, you may need to create more than one DEF Flex REPORT. If this is necessary, name the second flex report DBASE2.

Step #4

  1. Go to EZ Software Main Menu
  2. Select the program RDEF to read in Report Definitions to EZ Software.
  3. Choose the option DEF
  4. Type in the Flex report name: DBASE (plus DBASE2 if necessary)
  5. This will automatically read in the report fields to EZ Software.

Step #5

  1. Go to EZ Software Main Menu
  2. Select the program TERMINAL
  3. Run the TRIAD Program RIS to create an RIS Report with the following options:

Spool the report (S)
Report Type: F User Defined
Printing Seq.: 1 Dept.
Select Options: leave blank
Print Options: leave blank
Subtotals: (N)
Copies 1
Flex Rpt. Name: DBASE

Press RUN (F2) to send your report to TRIAD’s Spooling channel. All items in you TRIAD system will be included on this spooled report. (It may take up to 2 hours for this report to generate on your TRIAD System.)

Step #6

  1. Go to EZ Software Main Menu
  2. Select the program PCPRINTto download your report from the spooler.
  3. Select the option START to download from MSP
  4. Type: RIS on the MSP Screen and press the page down key until you locate your RIS report. (Suggestion, look for the RIS with a very large number of pages.)
  5. Once located, Press F2 and select the option SPREADSHEET.
  6. Name the file: DBASE.DAT
  7. Press Enter and your file will begin downloading. (Downloading occurs at a rate of 6 pages per minute. Therefore, 200 pages will take about 33 minutes.)

Step #7

  1. Go to EZ Software Main Menu
  2. Select the program IMUP
  3. Select the option IREAD
  4. For input file name type: DBASE.DAT and press Enter.  This process will take only a few minutes

Your PC Database is now ready to use with EZ Software’s EZ EDIT, EZ LABEL and EZ VIEW programs. Options for each of these programs can now be set for data to be looked up in your DATABASE.. The Database is stored in the EZ Directory under the name LABELS.DB. Additional files can be read into your database for updating at any time. You can also change the structure of your database by following the steps below:

From IMUP Choose:

    1. BACKUP (to backup your current database as a file, IMU.BU)
    2. ERASE (to clear your current database)
    3. ISTRUCTURE ( to change the filed structure as explained above)
    4. RESTORE (to read in your original data from IMU.BU to your new structure.)
    5. IREAD to read in any new data files to fill in data for your new database structure.

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