How to use Excel files with EZ_Software

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EZ_Software has capabilities to download data from the Triad to the PC and to upload data from the PC to the Triad.  The Excel spreadsheet program offers a good way to work with these files while they are on the PC.

EZ uses two types of file formats: "quote and comma", and "fixed format".

Here is how to read a "quote and comma" file into Excel:

  1. In excel, click FILE and then OPEN.  For "Files of type" (at the bottom of the dialog box), select "All files"
  2. You will now see a list of all files.  Double click on the file you want to open.   The "Text Import Wizard" will now appear.
  3. Click on "Delimited", then click "Next".
  4. In "Delimiters" only "Comma" should be checked (the default "Tab" should be unchecked).  "Text Qualifier" is a quote mark (this should appear as the default).  Now click "Next".
  5. For "Column Data Format", all columns should be set to "Text".   This is especially important for SKU's and UPC's so they don't lose any leading zeroes they may have.  The only columns you may want to leave as the default "General" format are prices and quantities which are all numeric.  To format a column, click on the column and then click on the format.  The name of the format will appear at the top of each column.  There is a slide bar you can use if there are too many columns to fit on the screen.  Click "Finish".
  6. Your data will now appear in excel.

Here is how to save an Excel file as "fixed format" for EZ

  1. In Excel, make sure that your columns are wide enough to hold the data.  One way to do this is to hilight (select) all columns, and then select "FORMAT",   "COLUMN",  "AUTOFIT SELECTION" from the Excel menu.
  2. Now make sure that the field number appears at the top of each column.  For example, UPC is field number 149, so the UPC column would have a 149 above it.
  3. Make sure these field numbers are right justified.
  4. Click "FILE", then "SAVE AS", then for "SAVE AS TYPE" select "FORMATTED TEXT (SPACE DELIMITED) (*.PRN)".  Then click "SAVE".  This will save your file as a ".prn" file that can be used as input to any of the EZ_Software programs.
  5. Optional Step:  If you are planning to edit or view the file with EZ_EDIT, you should use the EZ_EDIT CONVERT option to make sure that all lines in the file are the same length.  If you are not going to use the file with EZ_EDIT you do not need to do this:

    In EZ_EDIT, select CONVERT
    Use the following options:
        Fields in output File: SAME
        Data Lookup: NONE
        Primary Lookup: N
        Use a secondary Lookup: N
        Output file type: QUOTE AND COMMA WITH HEADER
    Then select START to convert the file.

What is a "quote and comma" file?

A "quote and comma" file is simply a file that uses quotes and commas to seperate the data.  For EZ_Software the first line of these files is a "header" that lists the fields in the file.  The field numbers in the header are seperated by commas.  EZ programs create "quote and comma" files by default.  Here is an example:
  1,149, 10
"123456    ","012345543219","Hammer          "
"654321    ","054321123459","Screwdriver    "

What is a "fixed format" file?

A fixed format file is a file where each column holds a constant width.  The field numbers in the header are not seperated by commas.  Instead, they mark the end of each column.  EZ programs can read fixed format files.  Here is an example:

            1                      149                   10
123456  012345543219   Hammer
654321  054321123459   Screwdriver