Uploading Promos to MIP

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If you already have a data file, skip ahead to Uploading the data file to MIP

How to create a promo data file with CIS (a True Value product)

Go into CIS
Select 6 (Reports Menu)
Select 5 (Promo Price Listing)
Hilight the promo you want and press ENTER
You will see the promo prices on the screen
Press ESCAPE 4 times to get out of CIS

Now switch to EZ

On the EZ main menu, go into CISDB
Select PROMO
For Promo Code, type in the last digit of the promo number (DM63 = 3)
Enter the Promo sections to include.  Use capital letters.
ERP input file name is \cis\export\promo.tmp
Promo output file name: DM63.DAT (or whatever promo it is)
The file will be created.  Press ALT-X twice to get back to the EZ main menu

Uploading the data file to MIP

From the EZ Main menu, select the UPLOAD program
From the UPLOAD menu, select MIP

In MIP, select OPTIONS
    PROMO TYPE is "DM63" (for example)
    START DATE is mmddyy with no slashes
    END DATE is mmddyy with no slashes
    PROMO STORE is "1" (or your store number)

In MIP, select START
For INPUT FILE NAME, type DM63.DAT (the name of your input file) and press ENTER
After all the items are loaded, press ALT-X
When you are ready to start the Promotion, go back into TERMINAL and run Triad function RUP with option "F" to finalize

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