Uploading PO's from a file to MPO

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If you already have a data file, skip ahead to Uploading the data file to MPO

EZ_Software can upload a file from your PC to the Triad MPO function.  This Purchase Order can then be transmitted using the Triad.  Another possibility is to load the "Electronic A Copy" that the Tru*Serv CIS system provides into MPO and then receive it.  Instructions to do that follow:

How to create a data file with CIS (a True Value product)

When you receive your updates for CIS, you should also be receiving a file of what is being shipped to you from the warehouse.  This file is in the directory "\cis\export".  It will have a name like "erp127.dat".  The sequence number (127) will increase with each order you receive.  If you are not getting this file, you can call CIS support at 800-562-3796.

Here is how you convert this data file to EZ format:

On the EZ main menu, go into CISDB
Select ERP
The ERP Input File Name is \cis\export\erp127.dat   You will have to find the correct file name the first time you do this, and increase the sequence number by one for each new order.
PO File Name is po.dat  (or whatever you want to call the output file)
If you get a message that the file already exists, type "D" to delete it.
You will get a message showing how many lines are on the order.  Press the SPACE key to continue.
You now have a data file containing the items that are on your last order from Tru*Serv

Uploading the data file to MPO

From the EZ Main menu, select the UPLOAD program
From the UPLOAD menu, select MPO
In MPO, select START
Input File Name is po.dat (or whatever you called your data file)
You will then switch to the Triad MPO Header screen
You will be asked for the PO number you want to upload to
If the PO number you supply exists, EZ will begin adding the items in the data file onto the end of it.
If the PO number does not exist, you will be asked if you want to CREATE it.  Select CREATE
You will then be asked for your Store Number, Special Ship To, Order Type, and Buyer's Initials.  You can put any comment you like on Special Ship To, or leave it blank.   Order Type should be left blank unless you are creating a special order type such as "D" for defective.  When you fill in the Buyer's Initials the PO will be created and your data file will begin to post.
After all the items are loaded, press the SPACE key to continue.

Now press ALT-X and go back into TERMINAL from the EZ_MENU.
You can now transmit the PO you created or receive it with Triad functions RP and RRP.

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