Using the Tru Serv Telxon with the new "C" Chip

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John Hagener and his group at True Value have added many new capabilites to the Telxon handheld data entry device.  The new Telxons are compatable with EZ_Software.

The only change in procedure is that you read the Telxon data in by running a program called hhread.exe (instead of selecting TELXON from the EZ Main Menu).

You then run ehhread.exe to convert the data from hhread.exe to a format EZ_Software can read.

From there you continue as before, using the data files that ehhread.exe created as input to the EZ_Inventory programs or the EZ_MPO program.

Hhread.exe and ehhread can be downloaded from the links on this page.  They should be saved in the same directory as your other EZ programs.  You can edit file ezmenu.def to make these two new programs appear on the EZ Main Menu.

  1. Open the file "ezmenu.def" with Notepad or some other editor.
  2. Remove the line:               "TELXON      Read Data from the Telxon to the PC"
    and the following line:    "etelxon.exe"
  3. Add the following 4 lines:
  4. HHREAD                 Read Data from the Telxon to the PC
    EHHREAD             Convert Telxon data to EZ format