How to update your UPC's

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If you have a data file containing SKU's and UPC's, you can upload them to EZ_FIL or to EZ_MUPC.  Both programs  are simple to use, but EZ_MUPC captures a file of errors which you can then correct.

To upload to EZ_FIL:

  1. On the Triad, create a flex report containing fields 1 and 149 (sku and upc)
  2. On the EZ main menu, select UPLOAD
  3. In UPLOAD, select FIL
  4. In FIL, select START
  5. "Input file Name: " Type in the name of your data file.
  6. "Update Descriptions:" If this question comes up, answer "N"
  7. A Triad FIL screen will now come up.

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To upload to EZ_MUPC:

  1. On the EZ Main Menu, select UPLOAD
  2. On the UPLOAD Menu, select MUPC


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