Using Zmodem to Download Reports from the Spooler

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Part 1: Getting the file onto your PC

  1. If you do not already have DSZ (Zmodem) on you PC, you need to download it. Save it in your EZ directory.
  2. In Triad Function MTR, make sure your TERMINAL TYPE is set to "P" for PC
  3. In EZ DEFAULTS, the ZMODEM line should say:
    DSZ port 2 d rz
    "port 2" is the port you are using to connect to the Triad, so if you are using a different port you would change this.
    When you type "d rz", it is important to use all small letters and to leave a single blank space between the "d" and the "rz".
  4. You are now ready to begin. Go into EZ TERMINAL. Go into Triad function MSP.
  5. Press PAGE_DOWN to get to the report you want to download.
  6. Press F6 to view the report. Then Press F7. On this screen you can change the name of the PC file the report will be downloaded to, or you can use the default.
  7. Press F2 to start the file transfer. A message that says transmission has started will appear at the bottom of your screen.
  8. Immediately press ALT= (hold down alt and the equals key, then let both go at the same time). Select ZMODEM from the menu that pops up on your screen. You will then see a message from DSZ as it begins to receive the file.
  9. After the file is downloaded to the PC, your screen may be blank or have some garbage on it. That is OK. Press F1 twice to get back to the Triad Function menu.
  10. The file is now on your PC.

Part 2: Converting the file to EZ format

  1. Select PC_PRINT from the EZ menu.
  2. Select REPRINT from the PC_PRINT menu.
  3. For the INPUT FILE NAME, use the name of the PC file that you downloaded with DSZ. The default name for a RIS report is "RIS.RPT"
  4. Fill in the REPORT TYPE. This may be RIS, BTC, RPC, RPO, or whatever type of report you downloaded.
  5. Select SPREADSHEET from the file type menu that pops up.
  6. For PRINT FILE NAME, type in the name of the file that you want to save the report to. This file will be in a format that EZ_Software can read.
  7. The screen will now say WORKING. If your report is long, this is all you will see for several minutes.
  8. When the program finishes your file is ready.

Comments from someone who tried it:


When using Zmodem I am experiencing a screen display that is confusing. Just before I press the ALT+= keys to highlight Zmodem the following appears at the top line of the otherwise blank screen:


I continue with the utility and everything seems to work. What’s with the above message?

Answer:  This is OK.  Just a message from ZMODEM.

Also at the "Report type (RIS):" promt I am changing the default "RIS" entry to "RPC" when downloading a spooled RPC report. Is that OK? This also seems to work OK.

Answer: This is also correct.  I think you've got it!

Please advise.



Comments from someone else who tried it:

Hi Fred

I downloaded a report just to give it a try.

This may give you more info as to what’s going on. After the ALT= and selecting Zmodem things went well until the following message:

serial input error : line status register 02

byte 11264 attempt 1: bad CRC length = 990

then the same message but "byte 217088" . The file converted well, and was easily opened in Excel. The Triad report had 2160 for an item count and 2160 lines were in the Excel spreadsheet. MY conclusion? Perhaps Z modem corrected the errors ?

Any further comments, advice?

Thanks much


Answer:  When ZMODEM Reports a CRC error (or any other error, as far as I know), it has already corrected the problem.  The error messages are for your information only.  Zmodem is able to detect errors by using a cyclical redundancy check, and correct them by requesting information to be re-sent if necessary. 

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