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The following categories of links are provided on this page:

Triad Related Links
Hardware Industry Links
Other Links

Please email Fred if there is a link that you would like to see added.

Triad Related Links:    (back to top)

Cole Computer - EZ Software, forms and supplies for your computer system, and more!

Hardlines discussion Group - Lively discussion of all issues relating to Hardware.   Of special interest to Triad owners and Tru-Serv stores. - Bob Whelan is the original Triad consultant.  Located in Connecticut, Bob is an expert in Accounting issues and thoroughly knowlegable about the  Triad. 

RDMS - Mark Elmer is a Triad consultant in Florida who covers the South Eastern United States.  Available by phone or fax at (561) 439-2766  - A new inventory service for hardware stores.  Check out their website.

Systems Management Integration, Inc - Triad consulting since 1992.  Experts on helping you clean up your inventory database.   Check their web site for other services. - Last but not least, Triad's own website!

Utilities:    (back to top) - If you don't have WinZIP you should check it out. Most of the content on the Internet is compressed in ZIP format, and on top of that, it's a useful tool. - Here is where you can download a copy of "dsz", that zmodem utility that is mentioned in the EZ documentation.

Hardware Industry Links:    (back to top)

AHMA Online - The American Hardware Manufacturers Association web page... these folks run the National Hardware Show in Chicago each year, and there are lots of good links to other online resources.

DIY Web Resources - More links to useful web sites.

Home Center News - Great online source of Home Center news. - Home improvement and builder resource on the internet. This site has lots of good links and services for the average do-it-yourself person to the hardware store / lumberyard owner.

National Retail Hardware Association - The NRHA site has info on hardware stores and home centers, a store database, and how-to information for retailers and homeowners. - The Ace web site. - The HWI/Servistar web site.

TruServ Links: - Web site for the general public.  Has store locator and pointers to other TruServ sites. - For members to get information and services including DIY store web sites.

Other Links:    (back to top) - This web site lets you send very nice electronic greeting cards (for free!) - Search the Thomas Register for company information

IRS - Here is where you can download and print out a Federal Tax form (but you probably already know about this one!)

State of California EDD  - Here is where you can download and print out California State Tax Forms.

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